Disability in Europe – Erasmus Plus project with French partners

Certificates ESF EU project Almond Vocational Link Plymouth UK

In October 2015 Almond Vocational Link welcomed Anthony and Patrick from France, who participated in a mobility as part of an Erasmus Plus  project. They were greeted by members of our team and their host families at the Plymouth Railway Station on Saturday 10/10/2015. After a brief introduction, they were handed their Student Handbook, local travel passes and invited to a Welcome Meeting on Monday at our office.

During the Welcome Meeting we discussed at length their future work placements, talked about the cultural differences, and naturally the important rules and regulations to adhere to whilst in Plymouth. They were also reminded about the availability of 24/7 support line and importance of weekly 1:1 monitoring meetings, to ensure they are happy throughout their stay. After the Welcome Meeting, we treated Anthony and Patrick to an escorted trip around Plymouth City Centre and Waterfront. Both of the participants were also escorted by a member of staff to their work placement on the following day and introduced to their work placement supervisors.

I feel very integrated, my work placement exceeded my expectations.  I’m developing my IT skills and I completed some tasks in the networking field. I’m also learning IT English, technical language. Language training: Good teacher! She was very patient and sympathetic to the needs of others. The course met my expectations and covered much of my needs. I feel more confident and it gave me useful tools I needed for the start of my journey.

The house is clean and I help as much as I can, I treat it as if it was my own home.  I spend most of my time in my bedroom but I also like to spend time with my host family talking. I really like living with them and appreciate all the time we spend together.                                                                                                                                Patrick Valleix

The project “Disability in Europe” was aimed at improving employability of the disabled individuals. Our partners in France requested that as a hosting organisation, Almond Vocational Link organised:

  • host family accommodation for both participants. We took under consideration the specific needs of each participant which were listed in their registration form. Based on those and  the distance to work placement, we booked 1 half board and 1 self catering accommodation in single rooms.
  • a work experience placement according to specific directions provided by the partner organisation and the participants. Both Participants requested internships as IT Support Technicians and were provided with a suitable placements with our trusted host companies.
  • 15 hours of English Language Training as a way of preparing the participants for their work experience and helping them to understand the British Culture. The course was designed to re-fresh their knowledge, boost confidence and help ease in to the new environment.
  • arranging local transport passes
  • monitoring and support through the stay. We were in touch with Patrick and Anthony on at least weekly basis to ensure that everything is going well and they are happy and settled. We asked them to feel weekly evaluation forms and work time sheet. This gave us a better insight on the tasks they are involved in as interns and the way they are coping with living in Plymouth and adjusting to the new culture surrounding them. They were both assisted with the most significant events during their stay and offered guidance by our staff members.
  • socio – cultural program. The participants were invited to take part in our weekly Language Cafe as a way to meet other students and also had a chance to explore England during organised cultural trips on the weekend.
  • completing all necessary project documentation
  • awarding the group with certificates of completion


I’m really happy to have my independence in Self Catering accommodation. I have a comfortable room with everything I needed. The kitchen is well equipped. I spend much of my time in the kitchen as I like cooking. My internship is better than I expected. I have lots of work to do and I can improve my skills in IT Domain.

  Anthony Cezaux

 Certificates ESF EU project Almond Vocational Link UK PlymouthESF Certificates Almond Vocational Link UK Plymouth

JOB Description for IT Support Technician: 


  • The IT Support Technician installs, configure and troubleshoot computers fixed or mobiles, and their devices, and adapt the workplace to the users’ needs.
  • He or she assist the user on site or remotely, in a network environment to ensure the best performance of his workstation.
  • He or she works alone, on user’s demands, on his manager’s demands or service center demands.
  • He or she works independently in the respect of the user’s demands and he reports of its interventions according to predefined processes.
  • This activity can take place in different organizations such as a technical workshop, offices or at the user’s home, often in the user presence. The IT Support Technician establishes confidence with the customer or user. He or she respects the constraints of time and duration of intervention.
  • According to the management, organizational and security rules, the IT Support Technician is working on network services of a company or a person.
  • He or she works to maintain continuity of services, complying with the deadlines specified in the service contract.
  • He or she works on the network access equipment: wiring, servers, outlets, patch panel, network access points, switches, routers and Internet boxes.
  • Finally, the IT Support technician practice permanent technical monitoring.
  • Desired skills: analytical and organizational skills, interpersonal skills (team working, communication …), adaptability and flexibility.