Halloween Language Cafe

Halloween Language Cafe

This week we decided have a Halloween themed Language Cafe and got stuck in carving pumpkins.

For most of our European students this was the first time they have ever carved one. In some cases it was the first time they have actually handled one, since pumpkins can be hard to come by, especially in the warmer countries like Italy.

We all had a little chat about the history of Jack O’lantern and its connection to the Irish roots, we also talked about the alternative vegetables used back in the days 🙂 Did you know the Irish and Brits traditionally carved faces in turnips, beetroots and squashes?

We all had a fantastic time and the student’s efforts were brilliant. I must say, there were some very unique and well thought through designs, just take a look at the photos below.

Please take note that next week’s Language Cafe will be moved to Wednesday evening. We will be going out to celebrate the Bonfire Night at Plymouth Hoe. Keep an eye out for more info on our Facebook page

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