Language Cafe

****Please note this event is no longer available
we do still offer Social and Cultutral activities for all of our groups at an additional small charge.****


We are very proud to announce that we are now running our Language Cafe, every Thursday 5pm-7pm. This event is aimed at all to whom English is a second language. It’s  a fun way to learn the language and meet new friends in Plymouth.

As you all know, we are currently working on Montessori Methodology in Language Training for Adults project, therefore the would like to introduce some Montessori style activities, which you are sure to enjoy.Almond Vocational Link will provide the students with a professional language teacher who will engage the participants in series of fun, educational games and activities to “break the ice”.

Above all, the Language Cafe is to be a fun, regular social event promoting integration between people of  different nationalities. It’s a very unique opportunity to learn more about other EU countries first hand and make new friends in Plymouth.