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ESOL Classroom Courses Plymouth UK Almond Vocational Link

English language training can be provided for all those undertaking a work placement or wishing to improve their English skills whilst visiting England. General English lessons are of particular benefit before or during a work placement/internship as they provide a good foundation in the type of language encountered in a work situation. We would also recommend these lessons if your language skills are adequate, yet you feel your confidence would benefit from additional training. The teachers that we employ have extensive knowledge of teaching English as a second language (ESOL & EFL) and are flexible in adapting the language training to suit the requirements of the various members of the group

ESOL Courses in Plymouth UK Almond Vocational Link
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At Almond Vocational Link we feel that there are great benefits to Group sessions.Our aim is to improve your ability to speak, listen, and extend your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar as well as master your writing and reading . We can also offer other courses related to specific areas such as European Languages and Business English, if required, and facilitate working towards qualifications in English such as Cambridge and IELTS.