Montessori Methodology in Language Training 



As a part of EU Lifelong Learning Project, Almond Vocational Link is developing a Methodology for Adult Language Training based on the Montessori Teaching Methodology with other European partners.

Originally developed for children, research has been carried out that demonstrates that this Methodology with its innovative and creative approach to learning can be ideally adapted for language learning for adults.

As apart of this process a manual is being prepared which will provide both theoretical and practical part for teacher training. Workshops for the training of teachers in this Methodology will be organised together with online training. The Montessori Methodology will allow Almond Vocational Link to provide and innovative and creative teaching approach for young adults setting out on their initial career path together with a more sensitive approach to teaching for disadvantaged groups This project involves working with partners from Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania

Transnational Project Partner meeting in Plymouth, UK hosted by Almond Vocational Link

Final International Conference in Piesti, Romania

MMLT Partners