Testimonials from our Students and Partners


The company I worked at was really amazing. All the people were really nice and welcoming and I had fun working there especially after I got an amazing feedback on the presentation I worked on. Everything was well organised and I had a good time staying here. I would definitely recommend Almond Vocational Link because they took really good care of all of us and made sure everyone was happy with their host family and the company they worked for.

Silvija from Austria about her Erasmus Plus experience

(July 2016)

This work placement was absolutely amazing! It did not only meet my expectations but exceeded them. There were various different tasks from different departments and I had the possibility to do what I was interested in. My colleagues were all so nice and kind, they always assisted me If I needed help. I would love to come back and work here again, although this is highly unlikely, but if the opportunity arises, I will grab it and move to Plymouth. Thank you all for being the best!

Lena from Austria about her Erasmus Plus mobility work experience

(July 2016)

I was expecting something completely different . This organisation is so different from any other one, I really enjoyed working there. The people were so nice and friendly, I learnt so many different things there. I could see myself working there again because it was just so awesome. I had a great time. The services that Almond Vocational Link provided were super good! The accommodation was really good, the work placement as well. There isn’t anything to complain about. All in all, I am very satisfied with everything, I would recommend Almond any time.

Lisa-Marie from Austria about her Erasmus Plus experience

(July 2016)

For me, it was a perfect work placement! My manager – Elinor Eaton was perfect, they helped me to learn the language and about my work. The hotel team were very friendly. I would like and I hope to work for them again in the future, I’ll keep in touch with them. I had the best host family! Nice people, nice house, nice bedroom and bathroom and even a cat and dog. The food was good, typical English dinners and the portion size was good too! I will miss them! Almond Vocational Link was a very good organisation. Very approachable in case of any problems and listen to the students. 

Christoph from France about his Erasmus Plus work experience in hospitality

(June 2016)

I really liked my work placement and all the staff there. They were organised, clean and everyone was very kind to me. I would have liked to get to know them better and would work with them again. My host family was amazing. Wendy is a good woman and she was like mother to me while I was here. She made me feel welcome right from the beginning. She cooked us everything we asked for and she spent a lot of time talking to us, which improved my English. I will miss her. The service provided by Almond was satisfying. I had no problem with this organisation, they helped me with my work placement and I was happy about my accommodation so I would recommend Almond to others.

Elena from Italy about her Erasmus Plus KA 1 Mobility Work Experience in Childcare

(March 2016)

The tasks met my expectations. I learnt new things and improved my knowledge of information technology. I used tablet and computer to make videos and take pictures . I shared them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I would work for them again, they were very friendly and available if I had any problems. The services provided by Almond were good, the work placement was great and the accommodation very good. I would recommend it to everyone I know.

Francesca about her Erasmus Plus mobility work experience

(March 2016)

She proved to be most knowledgeable in all things ‘IT’ & helped us to bring our social media marketing into the 21st century! Whilst here she approached every task with enthusiasm & confidence, while showing both Peter & myself how to do the following:

• Create short videos & upload them to all the social media platforms.
• Use ‘Canva’ to create vouchers, postcards etc for social media marketing.
• Take photographs and use them in the ‘correct’ way, for marketing.
• Created an email campaign on ‘Mail Chimp’ & uploaded all the previously collected data.
Francesca’s time with us was invaluable, as she was able to work on her own initiative & we wouldn’t hesitate in having her back, at any time!

Thank you so much for introducing her to us.

Penny  about Francesca’s time with her company

(March 2016)

Yes, the tasks met my expectations. I learned a lot of new things and improved my knowledge of office software. I liked this organisation and the people who worked there, they were kind and understanding. My host family was very nice and kind, the food was good and the portion sizes were right. The services, work placement and accommodation provided by Almond were satisfying so I would recommend this organisation to others. I really enjoyed this experience.

Paola S about her Erasmus Plus mobility work experience

(March 2016)


“I did not realise that Plymouth has so much to offer in the field of Social Entrepreneurship. The organisation (Almond) has been very welcoming and looked after us well. I really enjoyed my experience in Plymouth,  it got me inspired.  I now think it is such a lovely town to live in. Thank you everyone for helping us experience it all”

Talking about Erasmus Plus KA1 Staff Mobility project – Samuele from Italy

(October 2015)


“I am very happy with my work placement, I would work for them again. “Babs” was one of the most important people I met here. She was very patients and so friendly. All the staff in my placement were always there for me. I improved my English and my tasks were to help organise events, cooperate with staff, arrange the shop, work with children and take part in events.”

Talking about her Erasmus Pus KA1 Mobility in UK- Valentina from Italy

(August 2015)

I am enjoying my stay in England because I’m improving my English day after day thanks to my host family and the classes with our teacher – Gary.  I work in a National Trust property as a volunteer with lots of older people than me, we all work together with aim to give all visitors a great experience.  I worked in all the rooms around the mansion to assist the visitors during their visit. I enjoyed this experience and I improved my English thanks to all the staff. I felt integrated with my team , I loved this placement! The supervisor who assisted us on our first day was very kind as were all the other volunteers.

Talking about her Erasmus Pus KA1 Mobility  in UK –  Corrado from Italy

(August 2015)

Everything I have done at ( name of the energy saving company) was really interesting and full of energy. The team is really great to work with!  I would definitely say ‘Yes’to work there again. It was a pleasure to work there and I am really grateful to have had this training and met those people.

The work placement and the accommodation were brilliant, really. I spent almost 4 months living with Kathy and Chris and I know I’m going to miss them. They were really nice and attentive. 

Talking about her Erasmus Pus KA1 Mobility Placement in UK – Charlotte from Belgium

(May 2015)

( name of the company) was the best garage I have worked in. They are really lovely people, better than in garages in Czech Republic. It met my expectations and I would like to work there again.

Talking about his Erasmus Plus KA1 VET Mobility – Michal from Czech Republic

(April 2015) 

The overall feelings about my visit are great! The city is beautiful so I enjoyed every day in here. My host was really nice, food was tasty and no problems whatsoever. Almond’s services was also great so no problems at all.

Talking about his Erasmus Plus KA1 VET Mobility – Radek from Czech Republic

( April 2015) 

My employer was great, my day-to-day activities were fitting. Overall, I’m thankful for the opportunities given to me during my practice. I would definitely work for them again. Almond Vocational Link is a great company, not only they provide a great service, they care about their students. I would definitely recommend Almond to others, just keep in mind that you have to put in the work to make it a great experience. 

Talking about her Erasmus Plus KA1 Mobility – Ance from Latvia 

( April 2015)

Gulia has worked hard to develop her understanding of the National Trust as a workplace. She is a mature member of the group and has an enthusiastic approach  to all her work. She has asked lots of good questions to help her understand the tasks she was asked to do. Well done.

Grounds Manager, National Trust Property

(April 2015)

Nicholas was a joy to have here. We was polite, friendly and immaculately dressed. His time keeping and attendance was excellent. We wish he could stay for longer, giving him more confidence with his English  and the ability to learn.

Plymouth Cafe Owner, work placement provider 

(April 2015)

My Language Training was very fun, useful and enjoyable. The teacher really knew how to push you to learn and the lessons were really involving. I feel more confident about my pronunciation.

Alessandro from Monza, Italy

(April 2015)

 Almond Vocational Link is a great company, not only they are providing a great service, they care about their students. I would definitely recommend Almond to others , keep in mind that you have to put in the work to make it a great experience. 

Ance from Latvia 

(April 2015) 

“Almond Vocational Link provided us with an amazing cultural, educational experience that I would like to be a part of again in the future.”

Talking about KA1 mobility study visit for VET professionals – Madalina from Romania

(February 2015)

“The company I worked for was fantastic, good place for improving my English because all the employees were English people. I would like to work for them because they work as a team and help each other and doing their best.”

Talking about her work experience placement: Yasmin from Italy 

(January 2015) 

“The tasks and work I was given were challenging , enjoyable and above all, I felt like I was needed and my work mattered. My bosses encouraged and supported me unlike any previous employers I have had. The best part is that I felt as a part of the team, that they appreciated my input and valued my work efforts. I would work for them again in a heartbeat”

Talking about her work experience placement: Sarlotta from Finland 

(December 2014)

“I really liked my work placement , I loved my time here. The host family house was very beautiful, comfortable and clean. The area around my house was so typically English. I liked the food, it was always delicious and plenty of it. Almond did a great job, I would recommend this organisation to my friends! ” 

Talking about his time in Plymouth : Lajos from Hungary

(November 2014)

“Almond itself on behalf of Janet Wonnacott and every single person who is working for Almond are great and positive people.We have started our cooperation in the year 2012 based on the IDUMO Project which is initiated and funded by the European Social Funds and the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs.

Through the entire cooperation Almond was always open to manage challenges, motivated to work on new methods and inspiring learners to us.We also learnt a lot about international cooperation and the English lifestyle.

It was always a pleasure to work with everyone. We made a varied experience in cooperation with a positive, successful and sustainable impact.”

Until next time

Bianca Doesburg, Project coordination IDUMO, IN VIA Köln, Germany

(September 2014)

“I didn’t think that working with an artist can be so interesting. (I would want to work for this organisation again) Because it’s interesting, varied and a good way to improve your English skills.”

Alija Grahović, Belgium

(April 2014)

“The students are really happy with the companies, the accommodation and the experience. You will have more students from Tenerife the next year not only from my school, I have recommended your company to others schools”

Hector, Tenerife

“Thank you Janet that you showed us The National Marine Aquarium and Eden Project. We all had great time“.

Krisztian, Hungary

“Janet has a very personal way of running her business which, along with an impressive network of contacts in the Plymouth area, makes Almond the right choice if you are looking for internship.”

Vasco Corisco, Escola Profissional Valdo Rio, Project Partner,Portugal

“Janet´s patient, friendly and helpful approach helped our students get over the problems that arose during their long stay far from their home country.”

Pavel Kluh, Erasmus coordinator, VOS, SPS a OA Caslav, Czech Republic


“With each student I try to spend some time getting to know them, where they work, what they do and something about their aspirations and expectations.”

Malcolm, Work Placement Provider, Plymouth,