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Almond Vocational Link Ltd is an independent, not for profit  company that operates across the South West of England, with the Head Office based in the vibrant city of Plymouth. The company was formed as a result of our experience with students from all over Europe for the past twenty years. Over the past 9 years, we have had substantial success in working with European Commission’s Lifelong Learning programmes in mobility for people in the labour market (PML) as well as for those in initial vocational training (IVT).

Our company organises work experience in professional companies based in Plymouth, Torquay, Exeter and throughout the South West. Our aim is to provide the best possible work experience for our students,  in order to ensure that this is the case we will only place them in work placements with well established, reliable firms that maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism.

In order to maintain continuity across the experience, Almond Vocational Link provides accommodation with English families who are known to us personally and who are selected for their caring and supportive nature and their ability to empathise with the students in all situations as well as maintaining high standards of hospitality. Both, employers and host families, are interviewed by us to ensure that they have an encouraging attitude towards our students, supporting them during their stay.

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