Adult Language Training Using A New Methodology

Adult Language TrainingFunding available?

Yes, Erasmus Plus Key Action 1 –  International Study Programmes for Teacher Development. You can also apply for grants from your local government or self fund the course.

Who is is for?

Professionals in Vocational Educational Training, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Head Teachers, Teacher Trainers.

Aims of the course: To increase competences; compare training methods; learn about a new methodology for teaching a foreign language to adults; take part in a training program; improve English and gain new vocabulary; to open a new link for possible international cooperation with the UK training provider; to motivate VET staff; promote development and integration.

Course Description: This is a 5 day training course aiming at presenting all the essential training English teachers undergo to learn how to imply new methods into adult language teaching. This course will be run by Almond Vocational Link. Your trainer will make sure, the highest standards of tutoring are presented. You will participate in series of practical workshops and theory classes such that cover a wide range of topics. This training course will include a visit to a Language School in order to see the current methods used in the UK. The participants will also prepare their own English lesson based on the knowledge obtained and present it during the Language Cafe.

You will receive a certificate of completion from your training provider and from Almond Vocational Link as a confirmation and evidence of you participation.

Please note, the package presented is a basic course plan, we can extend you stay, add study visits and cultural trips during your free time.

Accommodation: Hotel or B&B  Accommodation provided by Almond Vocational Link

Airport Transfer: Arranged by Almond Vocational Link

Local Transfer: Arranged by Almond Vocational Link

Training Provider: Almond Vocational Link 

Location: Plymouth, Devon,  England

Duration: Minimum 5 working days

Course Details: Runs throughout the year, minimum booking notice of 8 weeks.

Monitoring, Mentoring & Support: Almond Vocational Link

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