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Almond App Student's Mobile Guide About Plymouth

Dear students, we present to you the Almond App, your personal and pocket-sized guide to Plymouth!

This mobile app was built for us by our student Henri “RauhaMees” Ekholm from Finland. He put a lot of hard work and effort into creating a product which could help our students to find their way around Plymouth. The App does not require internet connection, so you can browse it without being worried about your data allowance. It  offers you all the information you need about Plymouth segregated into different categories such as: transport, shopping, eating out, things to do, emergency contacts and information about Almond Vocational Link.

The Almond App is available for phones with Android operating system as well as Windows phones. Please note, the app is not currently available for iOS. You may have to alter your security settings temporarily in order to install this app, most of mobile devices will discourage you from using sites any other than their own. We can assure the app is safe and does not access any sensitive information on your device, it does not interfere with your operating system and does not send any information out on your behalf.

Please note the Almond App will download in a 7-zip format. In order to open it on your phone, you will need to have a program which will allow for this file to extract onto your mobile device. We recommend 7Zipper!


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Windows_logo_-_2012 Almond App Windows Phone