Erasmus Plus Key Action 1 Job Shadowing for Teachers in Plymouth UK

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On 18th October 2015, Almond Vocational Link welcomed a group of 4 teachers from Slovenia. They took part in a Erasmus Plus Key Action 1 Job Shadowing to observe the British Educational System, focusing especially on Preschool and Secondary School Education.

Our task was to find 2 job shadowing placements as an Assistant to the Kindergarten Director and  2 placements as a Secondary School Teacher.

Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired by Assistant to the Kindergarten Director :

  • Getting familiar with the principle of development planning in kindergartens in the UK
  • Observe practical work in pre-school institutional education in the UK and compare it to the practice in Slovenian kindergarten (areas of the curriculum, methods and forms of work).
  • Observe the process of mentoring students and organizing their practical training in the UK.
  • Observe and learn about the way of managing a kindergarten in the UK

(During the experience ) I learned a lot about preschools in England and I could compare it with e the system in Slovenia. The nursery assistants in my job shadowing placement were very kind and professional and gave us as much information as they could. This organisation (Almond) is very good, and so was the accommodation. The Bed and Breakfast was very well located.


Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired by Secondary School Teachers:

  • to get familiar with the curriculum in British primary and secondary schools.
  • learn about the British ways of grading pupils in secondary school
  • get more familiar with the school-leaving exams in secondary schools
  • learn how pupils are educated about environmental issues in primary and secondary school and what the practices of schools are
  • know if there are cross-curricular activities in Britain and how teachers organize them
  • learn how ICT – Information and Communications Technology– is used by teachers and students in and outside classes, and observe some lessons with  the use of ICT in high school , either language classes or cross-curricular activities (e.g. environmental issues or some other)

I am very thankful that I could visit two completely different secondary schools.  I learned a lot about the way they teach, I got some ICT skills as well.  All the teachers were great and chatty, I really learned a lot from them  and improved my skills. (…) It’s good to talk to the English teachers about their school system because you can learn a lot from them, especially as a foreign  teacher. Almond Are a great team, all of the staff I met were really nice and helpful. The Bed and Breakfast was a great choice.


Certificate Ceremony Erasmus Plus Job Shadowing UK PlymouthAlmond Vocational Link organised Bed & Breakfast accommodation for the group, and found suitable shadowing placements. We provided mentoring and support throughout the process, and escorted the teachers to their temporary work places on the first day.

The visits gave me a good insight into the English educational system including the recent changes as well as ICT used in schools. The staff were very eager to share their knowledge and answer all of our questions. I am especially grateful to Almond for their choice of accommodation because of the location ( Near the Plymouth Hoe and Royal Parade) and the staff (humour and kindness)


Erasmus Plus KA1 Job Shadowing in UK Almond Vocational Link Plymouth

The teachers received certificates of completion on their last day. They also had a chance to evaluate their stay and discuss their findings with each other. The feedback we received was very good and we look forward to working with this partner again in the future.

We learned more about preschool system in your country and about practical work in a kindergarten. All the nursery teachers were very nice and told us everything we wanted to know. Theresa was wonderful at representing preschool education in your country. The organisation (Almond) was very good, so was the accommodation. Thank you. The location was great, the people were nice and polite.