ERASMUS+ KA1 STAFF TRAINING course, brings three teachers to us from Frankfurt, Germany.

Birgit, Katharina and Ina, work with students coming from abroad, teaching them German as a second language, and with students having special needs and difficult social background. The purpose of their Job Shadowing was to observe and to get new ideas about teaching methods and administration. They did this by visiting vocational schools, language schools, colleges and high schools in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

At the end of the project we asked them to give us some feedback about it:

I know now another way of teaching, useful to improve my personal skills.

Everything was excellent.


I feel I improved my skills thanks to all information we got about English Educational System. Everyone was very friendly. I felt welcome.


I improved my skills by discovering a different school system and by sharing teachers’ experiences about students with special needs. Good organisation at Almond Vocational Link,  we got a last minutes visit to a Language School just before we left.