ESF Project with partners from Germany deemed a great success for young unemployed

InVia ArticleHere at Almond Vocational Link, we love hearing back from our partners and students after each completed project, feedback is incredibly important to us. We were delighted to have recently received a copy of a magazine from our German partners, in which we found a lovely article about their group. In October 2015 we had a pleasure of hosting 11 young unemployed  for 2 weeks of language training followed by 6 weeks of work experience as part of ESF project organised by IN VIA – job centres in Cologne, Bonn, Rhein-Erft, Rhein-Sieg and Euskirchen. You can read more about this project here: Perspective Europe Returning to Employment  We look forward to working together on their future projects.

Here’s what Marvin had to say about his time in Plymouth:

“It all began as a small proposal from the Jobcenter to once again take part in a so called “Maβnahme”. But it ended up being one of the best experiences I have had for a long time. The whole project of IN VIA in Cologne is supposed to give young, unemployed people the chance to gain new experiences as an apprentice and living abroad for two months at the same time. So with no further ado I will now tell you what I’ve experienced during my time in Plymouth, England.”

“To conclude, I am very grateful to IN VIA and Almond who gave me this opportunity. How else could I have made this kind of experience, living and working abroad? The whole project is definitely an amazing thing. I don’t want to be exaggeratingly flattering or anything, but it was a heck of a time for me so far. I must admit I have learned quite a few new valuable things about myself and my future prospects. It may have been my first time living abroad but definitely not my last time!