Final Report for LLP-LdV-Vetpro-2011-LT-0636

Final Report for LLP-LdV-Vetpro-2011-LT-0636
European Union Countries Experience of Vocational Practical Training Planning by Educating Qualified Workers for Hotel, Restaurant and Public Catering Enterprise


VETPRO project from Lithuania LLP

Almond Vocational Link hosted 8 guests from Lithuania, representatives of the catering industry and Chamber of Commerce, between the 14th November and the 19th of November 2011.The focus of the programme was to provide an insight of the UK catering Industry and Training of the Hospitality staff.

The programme started on Monday morning 14/11 at Almond Vocational Link Ltd offices, with the welcoming of the 8 guests by Janet Wonnacott, Managing Director and a brief description of the activities included in the programme, followed by a PowerPoint presentation on the structure of the education system in UK.

After a lunch break, the guests were taken to Visit the Jury’s Inn Hotel, to attend a talk by Richard Cambridge on how Hotel Technology is used in the process of the hospitality services in a business enterprise. The jury’s Inn was awarded Best Independent Brand at the 2010 Business Travel awards and joint most improved business brand in 2009 by BDRC.

On Tuesday morning 15/11/2011 the guests were accompanied to City College Plymouth, a vocational training college, to see how training is implemented. Sarah Walters provided a tour of the training classrooms with emphasis on practical training. City College Plymouth, former College of Further Education has been providing training in all fields of Industry, Commerce, Leisure and Hospitality. The College is estimated to be worth 1,432 full-time equivalent jobs to the Plymouth area and has a total annual staffing budget of £19 million.
In the afternoon the visit continued at City College Plymouth, with emphasis on the Education and Vocational training in the United Kingdom. What is the system of qualification development and what means are used for Hotel, Restaurant and public catering specialists. In the evening the guests attended a Dinner organized by the College to officially open their new Training Kitchen, with cooking demonstrations by the famous Tanner Brothers who successfully own 3 large restaurants in Plymouth and who are often guest chefs in the national television demonstrating preparation of their new dishes.

On Wednesday 16/11/ the guests were accompanied to visit the Tudor Rose Tearooms restaurant to receive a talk by the owner Sylvie to explain how she trains their staff and the technology used in their business. These traditional Tea Rooms are set in listed premises dating from 1640 when New Street was New, sailors and sea men used to stop there on the way to their ship to have a rest and enjoy a fresh brew. Tudor Rose Tearooms visit continued in the afternoons sharing “good experience” with restaurant staff in the field of hospitality service specialists training.On Wednesday afternoon the guests visited the Barbican Kitchen, owned by the Tanner Brothers, where the restaurant manager and Head Chef provided a talk on the history of their premises and how they train their staff in house, daily preparation of menus with regards to availability of local fresh produce, costing and staff rotas, in order to successfully run their business. After their talk they allowed the guests to visit their kitchen, talk to the chefs and ask questions, and were provided a copy of their menus as a souvenir.

On Thursday 17/11 Janet and Antonio accompanied visit to Jolly Jacks, an award winning restaurant and discuss the level of qualifications required for training cellar and also catering staff. Sally & Sue provided a talk on how they started in business and on how they took over the premises and renovated them to high standard. Sally went on to explain how important for a successful business is the training of their staff, the use of local produce and she showed the guests her own designed table mats and a card that captures the patrons feedback on service and food quality, plus their personal details that are entered into a database for their own marketing on events, as being close to one of Plymouth biggest marinas, most of her patrons are boat and yacht owners. At the end of the visit Sally showed the Lithuanian guests to the pontoon where Princess Yachts puts the finishing touches on multi-million pounds motor-yachts and offered to take a photo of the group in front of one of this mega yachts for souvenir.

The day continued with a visit to the Highwayman Inn, an Aladdin’s cave of hidden treasures and gothic architecture, music from bygone eras that “takes you back” and dimly lit bars full of curiosities which makes The Highwayman Inn truly something special. The owners Bruce and Sally welcomed the Lithuanian Guests and provided a guided tour of their Inn and their unusual kitchen technology used to prepare special and traditional local food, appreciated by tourists from all over Europe. The guests had a chance to savour freshly prepared sandwiches with local made wholemeal bread, local smoked salmon and organic grown farm chickens, turkey and plum tomatoes, and a taste of their local hale. The Highwayman Inn has 5 four poster bedrooms and caters for all kinds of patrons with a la Carte Menu or a bistro menu.The afternoon continued with a cultural trip to Burrator Reservoir to see one of the major water providers to the city of Plymouth, and take photographs of the reservoir, the surrounding Moors scenery and of the wild Dartmoor Ponies.

On Friday 18/11 the 8 Lithuanian ladies met at Almond Vocational Link offices to complete the feedback forms, receive the Certificates and ask any further questions on the schooling system in UK, certifications, vocational courses and in –house training provided by employers as a part of the students apprenticeship regulated by the government and training bodies (colleges, institutes etc.)

After this session they had a chance to visit Shirley Valentine taverna and to meet with Amanda Percival the owner to learn what technologies they implement in a smaller business and see a meal prepared. The guests had a chance to taste Raki the traditional Turkish drink and savour some of the best Turkish wines.

On Saturday 19/11 The group of guests had the opportunity to take part in a Cultural Activity, a trip and visit to the Eden Project (designed by Plymouth University Architectural dept, which has became internationally famous for its gardens, Eco environment, and as a location for one of the latest James Bond film “Day Another Day”. The Eden project besides providing tourist attractions to all ages, has food facilities for the visitors and menus to cater for all ages. This was another opportunity for our guests to learn how pleasurable activities can be combined with the provision of local grown food in order to be a self contained successful establishment.