My first impressions of Plymouth – Erasmus Plus internship in UK

Erasmus Plus Plymouth Welcome Almond Vocational Link UK

Hi everyone!

My name is Alice Brugattu and I want to tell you my experience here in Plymouth, even though my adventure has just started. I am 18 years old and I am Italian. I came to Plymouth to take part in an Erasmus Plus project that will offer me the possibility to work in a company as an intern.

On 16th of July I arrived in London by plane, I took a bus and after almost 7 hours I was here, in the city that have accepted me for a month. It isn’t the first time for me in England, but it’s the first time that I stay here for so long and in a host family, so before leaving I was very excited and curious to discover how is the daily life in England.

During this experience, I won’t be alone, I am part of a group of 10 Italian guys –five boys and five girls- that come from three different schools, so thanks to this project I have also the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

The host family has welcomed my roommate Giulia and me very well, the house is lovely and the host mother is very kind and sociable. I am very happy because for a month I will have a dog called Toby, because I’d always wanted a dog but my house in Italy doesn’t have a garden so I have never had one.

The members of the group get along very well, so on the second day we went together to the city centre to explore the town. We went to the Plymouth Hoe where we took some nice photos: we took one imitating The Beatles and we take another one seating around Plymouth’ welcome sign on the grass.

The city is very beautiful and even though it’s a big city –it has about 261,500 habitants – its’ really quiet and peaceful. People here are very friendly and gentle and if they accidentally collide with you, they are very polite and they immediately say sorry.

The third day we had a meeting at the Almond in which Janet had explain us what we have to do during this month. After that, Valentina had accompanied us to visit the Barbican and the other attractions.

During the tour of the town I have understand that here the people love very much animals because lots of them have a dog. I have also seen three monuments which I think, they represent Plymouth: they are “The Plymouth sea monster” that reproduces the fish and shellfish that is landed by the Plymouth fishing community, the dragonfly and the bird.

I hope that this experience will help me to become more independent and of course to improve my English. Next year I’m going to study economics and marketing at the university, so my internship here at Almond Vocational Link will introduce me in the world of marketing. I’m really grateful to Erasmus Plus and Almond for this amazing opportunity.