Innovation in EU hair and beauty care service sector

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24th of November, 2014 – 5th of December, 2014 we hosted a group of professional hairdressers who arrived to Plymouth from Lithuania. Prior to the arrival, we discussed in great depth the needs of this project, preferred accommodation and possible cultural trips in spare time. With help of our Lithuanian staff member we managed to tackle any language barrier difficulties and focus on organizing a suitable project program keeping to the strict budget.

Here are some of this EU project’s requirements outlined by the Lithuanian partner:

“Innovation In Eu Hair And Beauty Care Service Sector By Establishing Prosperous Conditions For Autonomous Career Development”.

Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired:

Participants of the project (vocational teachers) will develop technological competencies in the following fields: tendencies of daily/ evening/ occasional hairdressing, modern haircut techniques, haircut styles, tendencies of hair dying. Participants will get ideas for improvement of vocational practical training by developing ones’ practical skills. Additional activities are planned within the project. Observation of local hairdresser theoretical and practical training lessons is integrated. Observation activities will allow the teachers to find out to what extent foreign colleagues applying informational communication technologies to hairdresser training. In order to satisfy teachers’ needs necessary for issuing a modern and attractive vocational training program the practical and observation types of activities are established. Whereas major part of the internship activities cover development of teacher technological competencies

Almond VoCollege Course For VET Professionals Erasmus Plus KA1 Plymouth UK(1024x683)cational Link organised formal and certified training for all participants in the local College, the course duration was 5 days on full time basis 9 am – 4.30 pm . Each day consisted of 3 hours t heory training and 3.5 hours practical workshops in order to introduce the participants to training methods and practices in the UK.

For the second part of the stay, we arranged observatory visits to local hairdressing salons in order. This gave the group an opportunity to discuss the current trends, compare methods and talk about how well the available College courses in Plymouth prepare for the future hairdressing career. On the last day, our group took part in a little practical challenge during which they were asked to create a Vintage hairstyle for a photo shoot. This was a great way to practice their English communication skills with the model and team responsible for the photo shoot.

Article published by the training provider –  Cornwall College


Cornwall College

A group of Lithuanian lecturers who came to Cornwall College Saltash on a hairdressing fact-finding mission will be using their new skills as an example of best practice, back in their home country. The group, who teach in colleges and schools all over Lithuania, came to the UK to learn new skills and develop their existing experiences…  (read full article) 

Please take a look at some of the photos from the training course and the groups cultural trip to Eden Project – the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

Erasmus Plus KA1 Mobility for VET Professionals Almond Vocational Link Plymouth UK (1024x683) KA1 Erasmus Plus Almond Vocational Link Plymouth UK (1024x683) KA1 Erasmus Plymouth UK Almond Vocational Link (1024x683) VET Professionals Mobility KA1 Erasmus Plus Almondvoclink UK (1024x683) KA1 VET Professionals Mobility Erasmus Plus Plymouth UK (1024x683)Cultural Trip Eden Project Almond Vocational Link Plymouth UK Erasmus+Cultural Trip Almond Vocational Link Plymouth UKCultural Trip Eden Project Almond Vocational Link Plymouth College Course For VET Professionals Erasmus Plus KA1 Plymouth UK(1024x683)