Internship Leading to a Job

photoWe meet hundreds of students every year who driven by the job market’s competitiveness decide to take part in the Erasmus+ mobility work experience. They come to Plymouth, UK to improve their English language skills and put their theoretical knowledge to practice by working for a local company in the chosen vocation.  The Erasmus+ internship very often is a life changing experience for the participants. Many of our students gain useful contacts during their time here which then often lead to an international collaboration; some decide to return to England to start their career or continue studies; on occasion our interns are offered a permanent position at the end of their work experience. This last example is exactly what happened to one of our very recent students form Poznan, Poland who took part in Leonardo da Vinci mobility project (now replaced by Erasmus+)

Anna spent 12 weeks working for Energy Saving Solutions, a Plymouth based company specializing in environmentally friendly solutions. The company offers renewable energy packages for local homeowners and private tenants.

ESS are committed to finding unique and bespoke ways to reduce household running costs in an affordable way with no upfront costs. We like to keep our customers constantly updated with new ways of saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.


Our student was given a chance to undertake her work experience in the field of administration. As a University graduate, she had an extensive knowledge of business management and administration as well as accountancy. Anna helped in day to day administration, worked with databases, produced survey documents and performed some data entry tasks for the company. This internship helped Anna improve her written and spoken English, get familiar with the company’s operating procedures, learn more about English culture and most importantly gave her transferable skills and invaluable work experience.

Towards the end of her time at ESS, Anna decided to speak to Scott Jeffery – Managing Director of the company, about a possible career opportunity at the end of her placement. ESS are a  rapidly growing company and after some consideration decided that Anna would be a suitable candidate. They offered Anna a permanent position in the same administrative role.

As you can clearly see on Anna’s example, the opportunities with Erasmus+ are endless and in many cases can truly change your life forever. As I am writing this, Anna is starting her first day in work as an official ESS employee.

If you would like to find our how you can become an Erasmus+ mobility work experience student and improve your future employability, please get in touch!