Job Security

Job Security at Vocational and Technical Training


Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships

In 2011 Almond Vocational Link took part in Job Security project as a part of Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Programme. We worked with partners from Greece, Turkey, Iceland, Estonia and Bulgaria.

The main purpose of this project was to look into health and safety regulations and their implementation in different EU countries. During the mobilities, the knowledge of trainees about partner countries and culture was highly increased. They had the opportunity to compare the same situation / status, among participant countries. To understand how health and safety rules / regulations  are applied in different countries, especially these belonging to the EU and the east European ones.

The material developed during the project helped everybody to increase their digital competence. We had an opportunity to study different cultural expressions among European countries since we worked with countries from all 4 limit points of European border. Each one, had the opportunity to learn by studying and comparing the procedures application.

Staff and teachers, increased  little language skills, since they tried to communicate in local language. The project team developed the agreed documents using the site of the project. In this way there was a high development to ICT skills. All members, had the opportunity to manage certain issues and carry out specific obligations. Thus, project management skills were increased. Finally all participants spend some days in (at least) 5 foreign countries, therefore there was a a very significant impact regarding the knowledge and culture of other countries

We really increased cooperation with local organizations and especially unions of employers and unions of employees. Cooperation with local companies was not significantly increased, since we had already established strong relationships.