Key Action 1 Mobility for VET Professionals

Erasmus Plus Key Action 1 Mobility for Professionals in Vocational Educational Training in Plymouth, UK


The term VETPRO stands for Vocational Educational Training for Professionals. With the arrival of the  Erasmus+ , these types of projects will be now known as Key Action Stage 1 Mobility Training for Staff and Teachers  .

Over the years our company gathered a large portfolio of VETPRO projects with partners from many European countries. Our flexibility, dedication, extensive knowledge of the local businesses and a caring approach make as a potentially very valuable partner for your organization. If you are seeking a reliable and experienced UK host for your VETPRO/KA1 mobility project, please take a look at our portfolio and get in touch with our European Project Manager Mrs Janet Wonnacott


Plymouth leads by example in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities provision – Erasmus Plus Teacher Training

Almond Vocational Link had a pleasure of organising one week training course in the area of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities for our partners from Lithuania …

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Certificate Ceremony Almond Vocational Link Erasmus Plus KA1 Teacher Training WEB 3

What is new? – Plymouth inspires Turkish teachers to use modern technologies in classrooms | Erasmus Plus KA 1 Training

Thanks to European Union’s grants from the Erasmus Plus scheme, a group of 6 teachers from Turkey had a unique opportunity to take part in a 5 day …

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Erasmus Plus KA1 Job Shadowing in UK Almond Vocational Link Plymouth

Erasmus Plus Key Action 1 Job Shadowing to observe the British Educational System

On 18th Oct2015, Almond Vocational Link welcomed a group of 4 teachers from Slovenia who came to observe the British Educational System, especially Preschool & Secondary School …

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Almond Vocational Link Work Placements Language Training Plymouth in England UKTraining Italian Staff in Social Entrepreneurship in Plymouth- City of Social Enterprise

In 2013 Plymouth was recognised as one of the leading UK cities for Social Entrepreneurship. With hundreds CIC’s thriving and the only UK and international certification authority for social enterprise

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Erasmus Plus KA1 Project Turkish Partners Plymouth UK Almond Vocational Link

Transferring innovation in Vocational Areas to Technological Areas


In early August 2015 Almond Vocational Link hosted a group of 7 professionals from a technical college in Turkey. Our partners came to Plymouth, UK in order to take part in an Erasmus Plus funded Key Action 1 Mobility for Professionals

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VET Professionals KA1 Mobility Romanian Partners Almond Vocational Link UK Plymouth

Innovative Counseling and Teaching Strategies to Enhance the chances on labour market – ICT STRENGTH

In February 2015, we hosted a group of 15 Romanian teachers who participated in a study visit to the UK as a part of their Erasmus Plus KA1 mobility of staff project. Almond Vocational Link

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KA1 VET Professionals Mobility Erasmus Plus Plymouth UK (1024x683)

Innovation in EU hair and beauty care service sector

24th of November, 2014 – 5th of December, 2014 we hosted a group of professional hairdressers who arrived to Plymouth from Lithuania. Prior to the arrival, we discussed in great depth the needs of this project, preferred accommodation and possible …

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VETPRO project from Lithuania LLP

European Union Countries Experience of Vocational Practical Training Planning by Educating Qualified Workers for Hotel, Restaurant and Public Catering Enterprise

Almond Vocational Link hosted 8 guests from Lithuania, representatives of the catering industry and Chamber of ….

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Certificate Ceremony Almond Vocational Link VETPRO project

VETPRO Project within Catering and Hospitality sectors 

In March 2014 Almond Vocational Link hosted a group of teachers from Italy for a VETPRO project, executed from the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme funds. This project’s purpose was to visit various Vocational Educational Training providers in the UK in order to develop best training practice.

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