KA1 TRAINING COURSE: Integration of Immigrants in Education.


From 27 September to 04 October we hosted teachers Daniella Coppola and Maria Rosaria Panareo, and administrators Francesco Mariano and Guido Verri, from Grazia Deledda High School in Lecce, Italy. They came for a KA1 Training Course called‘Integration of Immigrants in Education’.

The project’s goal was to raise the participants’ awareness of how students from other cultures are welcomed and integrated in to the education system.

We visited schools and non-profit organisations that welcome and integrate asylum seekers, refugees and European students.

We attended a meeting about integration and heard the direct testimony of a Sudanese refugee.

We visited Plymouth University, where there are 3000 foreign students from more than 100 different countries.

We also participated in two different levels of English lessons: entry level and ESOL level 1 with students from Africa and Middle East, mainly refugees.

And much more…