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Every week we try to do something a little different for the Language Cafe. Keeping in mind the educational and social value of the event we embarked on a great search of some much needed Christmas cheer. It so happened that last week Plymouth had the official Christmas Lights Switch On evening followed by a festive Lantern Parade in the City Centre.  Our mobility work experience students from Hungary, Italy and Portugal were very excited about taking part in the festivities and so were the staff, I must add.

Tudor Rose Tea Rooms Plymouth Language CafeWe started  our evening at the Tudor Rose Tea Rooms where we warmed up with some traditional English tea and indulged on some delicious scones, made by the friendly owner – Sylvie. In the true Montessori Language Cafe style, we talked about the tradition of English Afternoon and High Tea. The students learnt about the history of English Tea time, differences between the Devonshire Cream Teas and Cornish Cream Teas. For many this was the first time to try scones smothered in clotted cream and jam, but also first Language Cafe Tea Party Plymouthtime to try the traditional milky tea. There were some mixed reviews on the idea of adding milk to tea, some enjoyed it but quite a few of the students, not so much 🙂 There was certainly no doubts about the scones, which were deemed a hit by all.

After a lovely chit chat all fed and watered, we took a slow stroll down the narrow, cobbled lanes of Plymouth Barbican.Walking past the Plymouth Gin Distillery, we headed towards the Plymouth City COur European Students at Language Cafe Plymouthentre. Our Hungarian, Italian and Portuguese students enjoyed looking around the Christmas Market set up for the occasion. As we wondered deeper and deeper into the City Centre, the streets filled up with more and more visitors and locals, who like us were heading towards the stage. This years Christmas Lights were switched on by a popular entertainer – Chico. The crowds were warmed up and entertained by Heart Fm. After the Switch on, we headed back towards the Plymouth Guildhall, where the magnificent Lantern Parade was about to start. The parade was a true feast for the eyes and ears, as it wandered accompanied by the sound of the drums at he front and a brass band closing the procession. There were many very impressive large sculptures and equally charming traditional diamond-shaped  lanterns held by local children. Take a look at some of the pictures we have managed to snap!

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Christmas Lights Switch On Plymouth City Centre

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