We will be regularly posting some of the materials and examples of simple games we played during the Language Cafe. You can try it  with your friends at home or other students living with your host family here in the UK.


We played this simple game of “Find someone who…”, it works great in a larger group!

FIND SOMEONE WHO Questionnaire

FIND SOMEONE WHO Questionnaire


After some adaptations, we introduced the XYZ game. We found that many of our European friends remember this game from their childhoods, so there was no need for in-depth explanation. You can find all the rules and points system on page 2. This game works great in a large group, with division into teams, and also for single players. We separated into teams, which helped others to get to know each other, and we had to use English to consult the answers with other team members. It was great fun!

XYZ game

XYZ game-1 XYZ game-2