Miriam, our multilingual secretary.

Walking at the Barbican

Miriam is a lovely Spanish girl, she is 19 years old. She comes from Germany, she lives with her family near Frankfurt. She got an A-Level qualification last year, after that she decided to come to England for an internship. She applied for an ERASMUS+ KA1 Private mobility project. For her internship she chose to work in administration field at Almond Vocational Link.

Miriam, why did you choose Almond Vocational Link?

During the Erasmus+ day at school, I met the Almond’s work placement coordinator. He showed us a power point presentation about this company and Plymouth. I was very impressed so I decided to come here with one of my classmates.

I know that, although you are fluent in English, you took an English class, can you tell us something about your studying experience?

I participated in a two weeks English training course, 40 hours. The lessons were very interesting, we studied advanced English grammar, reading and writing and Business English. The teacher engaged our attention with fascinating topics and we got involved in power point presentations. It was never boring and I really enjoyed it. I feel much more confident with my English now.

Almond Vocational Link provided accommodation for you, how is it?

I’m sharing a house with other students. I really like it because sharing the house is an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I think to live in a residential community is a good option to learn to be independent and to take responsibility.  The house itself is spacious, very comfortable, furnished and very well decorated.

Well Miriam, it is delightful hearing that everything is going so well. I would like to ask you now about your job, what exactly are you doing at Almond Vocational Link? 

I’ve been working at Almond Vocational Link for six months. My main activities are: preparing welcome packs, organisation table forms, venue reports, and other administration activities. Managing the team mail. Searching for potential partners in Spain and Germany. Filling up Europass Forms.

At Tintagel Castle

Have you been on any of the Almond’s social events and cultural trips?

Yes, we often go bowling on Tuesday night, with other students. Sometimes we go to have afternoon tea or just a cream tea. During the one-to-one meeting we are often invited to participate in cultural trips that take place on Saturdays or Sundays. I’ve been to Tintagel in Cornwall to visit the ruins of King Arthur’s castle and to Calstock, to visit Cohetele House. There were amazing experiences. I met students coming from other countries. I speak three languages and it was great to communicate with Germans and Spanish students not just in English but in our own languages as well.

Great Miriam, I have just another question for you: how do you spend your free time in Plymouth?

Plymouth is a beautiful town, it has been a good choice coming here. Plymouth has a nice city centre full of shops and it is easy to find your bearing even for a foreign person like me, moreover people here are very sociable and easygoing, always happy to help if you ask for any information. This point is to tell you that I enjoy living here. I often go for a walk on the Hoe and from there towards the beautiful Barbican. I go three times a week to the gym. I like to go to the cinema as well, and at the weekend I usually go out with friends, for a meal a walk or just for a coffee. I met a lot of people over the last few months and I made new friends.


Very well Miriam, from what you say I think that this internship has been a very positive experience for you, would you recommend Almond Vocational Link to other students?

Yes I certainly will do it. Janet and her team made me feel at home, it has been a very good experience.