National Apprenticeship Week 2015 Plymouth

Almond Vocational Link Project Manager Janet Wonnacott with Apprentice Gabriele

It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

We want to celebrate and say a massive ‘Thank you’ for all the fantastic work our Apprentice – Gabriele and of all our interns do!

Almond Vocational Link Apprentice Gabriele

Gabi started her Business and Administration apprenticeship in June 2014. It is a pleasure for us to watch her develop her skills and see how much potential she has! Very bright young lady, who’s work certainly does not go unnoticed and is highly valued by the company.

Well done to all Apprentices out there who put so much effort and pride in their work.

Well done to all businesses out there who give those young people a chance to improve their skills.

Our wonderAnce Erasmus Plus work experience Almond Vocational Link Plymouthful student Ance from Latvia! She is currently undertaking a work experience at Almond in the field of International Relations and learning to become Erasmus Coordinator

Catia Erasmus Plus Work Experience Student Almond Vocational Link

Almond’s brilliantly bright student – Catia from Portugal. Catia is currently undertaking a work experience placement for Almond as a web and graphics designer. She is working very hard on our new business venture and on how it will present itself online. Top secret stuff 🙂

AnCatia and Sofia Almond Vocational Link Erasmus Plus students Plymouthd the lovely Sofia also from Portugal. Sofia is currently undertaking a work experience placement for us in the fields of Business Development and Marketing and Research. She is helping our business to expand to other areas of the UK and she is doing exceptionally well!