Throughout 2018 we have been working hard on our project to develop tools for our online platform through the six module areas for our future MOOC. This began with our 2nd transnational partnership meeting in Turin, Italy. We reviewed the progress made so far about each countries selection of their particular job descriptions and how this can assist in the improvement of basic skillset that will be necessary for employees to improve their knowledge and skills in their particular sector of employment. It also helps employers to assist with training for staff to improve their skills. We also discussed our website which is now online, please take a look at the information so that you can see how we are progressing with our project and how you could benefit from it.

Facebook: IBSPE Group


From the 4th until 8th September 2018 we attended a train the trainers activity in Targu Jiu, led by Asociatia Edulifelong  in Romania. We were welcomed by  Iohana Udrescu who conducted our training. We were trained in how to use moodle, which will be the online platform for our trainers develop the modules in the six areas.

– MODULE 1: Digital literacy FORMAEMPLEO, Spain
MODULE 2: Oral communication GMCA, Italy
MODULE 3: Media literacy MACKA, Turkey
MODULE 4: Read and write PK, Norway
MODULE 5: Critical thinking AVL, UK
– MODULE 6: Numeracy literacy AE, Romania

In October we had our 3rd transnational meeting at Almond Vocational Link’s offices in Witney, Oxfordshire. At this meeting we discussed the best practice scenarios within the various sectors that we are working on and will be developing further to establish for our online platform. We are looking to pilot this early next year. Also, we are developing a handbook to show both formal and informal best practice in basic skills training which will help map the skills to add more benefits for learners and employers.