Potentiate Integration and Task for Adult  learners Giving them Opportunities for Relations All  over Europe.

The PIT-GOR project  aims at promoting education, cooperation, interchange and the mobility of  disadvantage adult group (immigrants, ethnic minorities, etc. ) coming from  European areas at risk regarding social exclusion, focusing on maths as a skill  needed to be potentate.
PITAGORA Almond Vocational Link Plymouth
The PIT-GOR  project aims at:
1) Promoting  intercultural education and learning process;
To support the  learners’ participation and motivation, methods inspired by principles of active  participation and cooperation (learning-by-doing, ice-breaking, creating mixed  groups, teamwork).
2) Potentiating competence in maths to improve the adult learners’ cultural  level by providing them with greater job opportunities in their own context and  across Europe;
The adult learners  will increase their basic math skills and by means of activities as  problem-solving, maths-crosswords, logic games, they will also develop this  capacity becoming more flexible individuals, easily adaptable to different  environments and situations.
3) Improving  the quality of European adult educational systems by reinforcing cooperation  among partners’ organisations.
The teachers will  meet, organize conferences or seminars to compare the different types of  educational systems and to exchange good practices, information and  experiences.
4) Increasing  foreign languages learning and ICT to promote better mutual understanding,  mobility all over Europe, and also facilitating positive interaction and  relationships in spite of the participants’ basic differences and cultures.
The learners will be  trained in ICT, foreign languages and made aware of these as important means on  communication.
5) Stimulating  creativity and artistic expression to increase the interest and socializing  process between the learners taking into consideration their problematic social  and economic backgrounds
The learners will  express their creativity in different forms (photos, paint, write) and will  discover also the creative aspect of maths, considered as an unimaginative  subject. Since, maths courses will be integrated with various activities  (work-shops on geometrical shapes, drawing on the numbers).

Pitagora Plymouth meeting
  • The cultural theme  (web-page, photos, articles, videos);
  • The science section  (basic maths skills, ICT information and foreign language classes);
  • The social theme  (activities such as personal introduction, ice-breaking, role-playing games and  simulation exercise);
  • The art theme  (painting, photography, writing, music, videos in line with the subjects and  themes of the project);

Pitagora Project Plymouth