Programmes & Projects

European Partners LLP

In recent years, we have gained a vast amount of valuable experience in dealing with large scale, EU supported educational programmes. We have worked with partners from across Europe and actively participate in projects that help to educate, integrate and give access to gain new skills and widen horizons of our participants.

Erasmus –  Leonardo da Vinci Mobility – Leonardo da Vinci Partnership – Citizenship Programme – VETPRO – Transversal – Grundtvig – Erasmus+

All of the above programmes are a part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme. Our company strongly believes in working closely with other European Partners towards improving and developing educational methods, influencing others to remain in education and gain knowledge through new experiences. These projects improve integration, develop and implement innovative teaching methods, break language barriers and give others a great chance to explore new opportunities, gain new skills and qualifications. Almond Vocational Link strongly believes in the objectives promoted by these programmes and with many years of experience and dedication in supporting those, we are proud of our achievements.

STAFF SENSE LdV Mobility Project

“Increasing the quality of the STAFF responsible for the period of SEN Student’s vocational Education, STAFF SENSE”.Almond Vocational Link was involved in this project alongside with other participating institutions from countries like Turkey, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, and Greece. Staff Sense was aimed at students with Special Educational Needs who wish to continue their education in a vocational high school to gain a profession and become independent in their adult lives. Vetpro LdV Mobility Project European Union Countries Experience of Vocational Practical training planning by educating qualified workers for hotel, restaurant, and public catering enterprise. Almond Vocational Link hosted 8 guests from Lithuania, representatives of the catering industry and Chamber of Commerce in November 2011.The focus of the programme was to provide an insight of the UK catering Industry and Training of the Hospitality staff.

P.I.T.A.G.O.R.A Grundtvig Project

Almond Vocational Link was responsible for coordination of this project. Potentiate Integration and Task for Adult learners giving them Opportunities for Relations All over Europe The PIT-GOR project aims at promoting education, cooperation, interchange and the mobility of disadvantage adult group (immigrants, ethnic minorities, etc. ) coming from European areas at risk regarding social exclusion, focusing on maths as a skill needed to be potentate. This project was focused around adult learners, teachers, trainers and education staff

MMLT (Montessori Methodology in Language Training)

MMLT is another project funded by European Comission’s Lifelong Learning Programme that Almond Vocational Link is proud to be part of. In this project, we focus on the already successful Montessori teaching methods and exploring the ways to implement these in adult language training. This project involves working with partners from Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania.

“Europe for Citizens” Programme

Europe for Citizens is aimed at ethnic minorities, promoting debate and reflection on existing policies in Europe, specifically European Strategy 2020, bringing them closer to the objectives and guidelines, strengthening active citizenship in their community. One of the objectives of this programme was to enhance tolerance and mutual understanding between European citizens and give the participants opportunity to interact and help constructing a tighter-knit Europe, united and enriched by its cultural diversity.