Returning to Employment -IDUMO



Almond Vocational Link assisted in form of a UK host organisation for this very exciting project which promoted European integration through experience.

Idumo group from GermanyStudents from Germany IDUMO Mayflower StepsOriginating from Cologne – Germany, the project Ida-IDUMO focuses on helping jobseekers and disabled individuals to find their way back to employment.  This three stage project involves those aged between 18-65 who are no longer in education and seek new career paths, need help in gaining work experience.

Stage 2 of the project, which takes 8 weeks, involves intensive language training course followed by internship in a chosen area. So far, Almond hosted 3 groups from this project in Plymouth and organised a tailored 2 week EngliEuropean Project Germany  Improve Employability Plymouth UKsh language course. Our teacher divided each group into two, depending on their English Language ability and level. Working in small, ability matched groups helped to bring out the best results for all the participants.

After the English course, the 6 week work Learn English Plymouth UK EU Project Groupexperience placement begun. All of the participants were current job seekers, planning to return to employment after long term illness or struggling to find employment due to their disability. This phase of the process was very important to the project coordinators and participants and aimed at increasing their future Language Cafe Plymouth Social
employability. The social workers were present for the duration of the stay in order to offer their support, guidance. We received a very positive feedback from both the students and host companies who offered them an internship. The overall experience enriched the participant’s skills, boosted their confidence and gave them an opportunity to explore a new culture.

We feel very humble to have been a part of this life-changing project and strongly believe it gave the participants many useful tools to improve their future.  We witnessed a great change in the participants over the time they had spent here and seeing them return home with positive attitudes and open minds only confirmed the success.

Almond itself on behalf of Janet Wonnacott and every single person who is working for Almond are great and positive people.

We have started our cooperation in the year 2012 based on the IDUMO Project which is initiated and funded by the European Social Funds and the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs.

Through the entire cooperation Almond was always open to manage challenges, motivated to work on new methods and inspiring learners to us.We also learnt a lot about international cooperation and the English lifestyle.

It was always a pleasure to work with everyone. We made a varied experience in cooperation with a positive, successful and sustainable impact.


Until next time

Bianca Doesburg, Project coordination IDUMO, IN VIA Köln, Germany