Should I stay or should I go? Erasmus Plus Youth Project – Hungary

Should I stay or should I go Hungary Almond Vocational Link UK

We are looking for 5 participants to take part in an Erasmus Plus Youth in Action project in Teglas, Hungary.

Accommodation and food as well as activities throughout the stay will be provided, 170 Euros will be given towards your travel costs. Participants will be required to partially contribute towards the travel costs.


ACTIVITY DATES: 02.04. – 10.04. 2016
PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Slovakia, Poland, United Kingdom, Hungary
TEAM NUMBER: 5 participants + 1 group leader (from Almond Vocational Link)
AGE: 18-25 (must hold a valid UK passport)


These days, unfortunately youngsters have to experience unemployment more and more. We can see all over Europe that there isn’t enough job opportunities, youngsters who don’t have any job experience start at the labor market in a disadvantaged position. But recently many youngsters speak foreign languages, and because of this, the countries in the European Union are opening up to them. They think about the „Should I stay or should I go?” question. During our project we want the youngsters to argue the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad. The participants will examine every side of working in their country or abroad through directional arguments and discussions. The topic of the youngsters’ unemployment itself isn’t an innovative topic, but our aim is that the youngsters before career decisions and working life get to know the dangers, negative effects and advantages, positive effects of working abroad.
We also want the participants to become acquainted with other youngsters’ opinion about this topic, think together and get an insight on other countries’ labor market situation. They can get information about certain member countries’ main economic and labor market trends.
In our youth exchange six youngsters (five participants and a group leader) will participate from four countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, UK). The program is placed in Elias Guesthouse, Téglás.

The Guesthouse is in Téglás, which is a small town in Hajdú- Bihar County. Téglás is a basically agricultural settlement, about 20 km from Debrecen, which is the center of the region, and the second largest city in Hungary. The Guesthouse is a great place for youth programs, nobody will bother us, the whole house will be ours.
There are 6 bedrooms, with own toilets and bathrooms. There are a kitchen, dining room, outdoor areas, fireplace, etc… The house is air conditioned. In April the weather is usually a bit cold and unpredictable, there could be cold and rainy weather, or warm and sunny also. Bring warm clothes with you just in case! There will be no internet, but plenty of time to make new friends and have interesting conversations by the fire. We will buy the food and everything else you need during the exchange. We will check your needs every day, but if you want to buy anything for your own account, you can do so in your free time, there are some small stores in  town. We are planning outdoor cooking and grilling events in the evening.



  • All of the participating countries have to make a video about the labor market situation of the country, especially focusing on youngsters’ situation and the number of emigrant and immigrant population, and also the reason of their emigration or immigration. 15-20 min.
  • 2-3 energizers (30 min): short (mainly outdoor) games, which help us to wake up, and give energy for the day. Every nation will get an energizer block.
  • Cooking is not part of the intercultural nights. There will be 2 evenings when the four groups (in pairs, so 2 countries/evening) will have the opportunity to cook some traditional meal and eat it together. While they are cooking, the other two groups will think about games to play. It is important to make enough just to taste the meal, you do not have to make a whole dinner!
  • Collect 4-8 pictures from each participants and make a short (5 min.) introduction video of the group (hobbies, studies, everyday life, personality, etc.). These videos are not part of the intercultural nights.


– Towel – insurance documents – plug in converter
– Toiletries – medicines – cards, games, balls, etc…
– sport shoes -travel documents – ID
– swimming dress – warm clothes – good mood, flexibility
– sun lotion – training, sport clothes
– camera – musical instruments

There is no Internet service in the guesthouse. Every group have to help with the meals and the cleaning also. We will order the meals, but when we finish eating, you have to help to pack the plates and cutlery back, and leave the table clean. The aim: the participants can expire to care about each other.Don’t forget to bring with you: medicines, documents and sun protector lotion.

CONTACT:  Janet Wonnacott