My time here in Plymouth – Erasmus Plus Work Experience

Alice-Almond-Vocational-LinkI enjoyed very much my time in Plymouth and since my time here is about to end, I would like to tell you about my experience. During this month working for Almond Vocational Link I’ve learnt how to manage the company’s social medias. Kamila, my tutor, has showed and taught me how to use social media for a company. I’ve learnt how to post and schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook and how to upload and update the articles on the website. It was new for me, but Kamila has explained my tasks very well, and up to now, I think I’ve done a good job. Everyone at Almond is very friendly and polite, and they help you if you don’t understand.

I’m sure that this experience will help me a lot in the future because working and living in a foreign country gives you the possibility to prove yourself with the language but also with your adaptability. Moreover, in these days employers are increasingly searching people that have done an experience abroad. So, I’m very grateful to have been part of this project!

Welcome Tour-Italian group-Almond-Vocational-Link

Moreover, I had the possibility to meet new friends that like me were taking part in the Erasmus Plus project. I’ve met guys coming from Germany and France and it was very funny talking about our life and other things in English. In this month I haven’t just worked: I have visited with my group the main attractions of the City and Almond organized for us some trips and social events.One evening we had a bowling match with Kevin and even if some of us had never tried it before we enjoyed it very much!We also visited the National Marine Aquarium here in Plymouth were we saw lots of different fish, it was really amazing!

The last trip we haItalian Group at the Eden Project- Almond-Vocational-Linkd was at the Eden Project, a big garden with Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes collecting plants from all around the world. We had a great time there and we took some beautiful photos. On the evenings, we usually get together at the Barbican or at the Hoe to spend some time talking about our day.Here in Plymouth we had a lot of fun because there are lots of events every week: we went to MTV Crashes and we watched the Olympic Games at the Big Screen.

I think Plymouth is the perfect city where to spent your Erasmus because there are a lot of places where you can have fun, such as the Plymouth Ice Rink, the Tinside Lido, the bowling, and the several parks spread all over the city.I recommend others to take part to Erasmus Plus project because it’s a beautiful experience that helps you to become more independent and opens your mind to the world.