My Time in Plymouth – Erasmus Plus Work Experience

Karina Schmid Erasmus Plus intern Almond Vocational Link

Since my three weeks in Plymouth will be over on Saturday, it is time for me to look back and summarise my time here in the UK.

Before I came here, I was a bit uncertain about what I will have to do in my job and if they would even let me do things that are more challenging. However, when I first met my
supervisor Kamila she was super nice and gave me an insight into my tasks at Almond Vocational Link.

As I am not sure, what exactly I am going to study at university in the future I saw this work placement as an opportunity to get an insight into an area I am interested in.

During my time at Almond, I learned a lot about SocialFacebook Plymouth Almond Voc Link Erasmus+
Media Marketing. It seems so easy to upload an article on a website or post something on Facebook or Twitter but there is so much more you have to consider in order to have a successful social media account. I also got to familiarise myself with Hootsuite, a platform to manage all your social media accounts.

In general, a work placement abroad can not only have an influence on you as a person but also make your CV stand out. Not many people can say that they have worked in a foreign country at such a young age and it can definitely bring you forward especially if you aim at working internationally. Personally I was able to take away plenty of knowledge regarding Marketing, which I am sure, I can use either at university or for a future job. Besides that, I could not only improve my English but I also gained cultural knowledge.

As already mentioned before a work experience abroad not only enhances your CV but also gives you a lot of confidence and influences your personality. There are times where you will have to step out of your comfort zone and do something challenging and new. Suddenly you are in a new city away from home and everything is different. It was a bit hard at first but I absolutely became more independent.

Furthermore, nFriends UK Almond Voc Link Erasmus+ot being from the UK makes others interested in your culture and it is easy to get to know people. I have met so many interesting and nice people. I hope that we will stay in contact and meet up sometime in the future.

I totally enjoyed my time here in Plymouth as an Erasmus Plus Student andLike Facebook UK Almond Voc Link Erasmus+ I would recommend trying something like that to anybody. Go for it! It is a chance of a lifetime!

Written by Karina Schmid – Erasmus Plus Student from Austria