Top 10 Packing Hacks

Plane Travelling UK Exchange Almond Voc. Link Erasmus+

Going away for a longer period needs well-conceived packing and organising. So today, I thought I would share a few tips with you.

Packing List

I would reChecklist UK Exchange Erasmus+ Almond Voc. Linkcommend writing down all the things you will need to take with you. Try to keep it to a minimum. Being an Erasmus Plus Student gives you the opportunity to wash your clothes once a week at your host family’s place. Familiarise yourself beforehand about the weather and your workplace so you have an idea what to take with you. Most companies in the UK require a smart-casual wardrobe so do not forget to pack something appropriate.

Carry-on bag

Going away for a few weeks or even months, I would
bring an extra carry-on bag. Most airline companies
allow you to bring an additional suitcase along with CarryOn Bag UK Travelling Erasmus+ Almond Voc. Linkyour normal handbag. I always put one extra set of clothing in my carry-on bag so I have something to wear in case my big suitcase gets lost. Try not to fully pack your carry-on bag so you have space left for the things you buy. Put all your valuable things in your carry-on bag so you can supervise them. My suitcase was once broken into but luckily, they did not find anything interesting.


Sweater UK Erasmus+ Almond Voc. LinkComing to the UK in July does not mean it is going to be warm. I wish I had brought warmer clothing because being by the sea it can get quite windy. So do not forget to bring a sweater or two. You will not do anything wrong putting a scarf in your carry-on bag, as it can get chilly on the plane too.

Miniature-sized things

When I go abroad, I always bring miniature-sized things. Containers Travelling UK Plymouth Erasmus+ Almond Voc. Link
You do not have to bring a big bottle of hair shampoo – it is far too heavy and they take up so much space. Make sure you take smaller bottles and containers with you. You can always buy everything again in case something runs out.

Exchanging Money

Concerning money,Pounds UK Exchange Almond Voc. Link Erasmus+ I have always exchanged a small amount beforehand. When arriving in a new country you do not know when you have the possibility to exchange some money so it is better to have some cash with you already. Also, make sure you have checked if your card is working in the country you will be visiting and if there are any fees.

Portable Charger

If your phone tends to run out of battery very easily, Portable Charger Travelling UK Erasmus+ Almond Voc Link
I would recommend buying a portable charger. They make life so much easier because you do not always have a power point near you. Personally, I could not live without them any more since I have to charge my phone quite often. Aside from that, do not forget to pack at least one charger adapter if necessary.

Own Medicine

Something IMedications Travelling Erasmus+ Almond Voc. Link UK always like to do is bringing my own medicine for emergencies. I want to know what I take so if I suddenly feel a bit weak or get a headache or cold I do not have to go to the pharmacy first. Make sure to put some plasters in your purse because they always come in handy when you get a blister or cut yourself.

Copy of personal filesPassport Travelling UK Almond Voc. Link Erasmus+

To be on the safer side try to make a copy of your personal files. It will make it easier to get a replacement if you lose something and you do not have to carry the original ones with you when you go out.

Tupperware Box

It may sound a bit oLunch Box Exchange Student UK Almond Voc Link Erasmus+dd but I always take a Tupperware box with me. That way I can prepare lunch at home instead of buying something to eat. In general, it is just a good thing to have with you to store something.

Roaming Rate for your Mobile

Even though you have WIFI in most places, I would recomiPhone UK Exchange Erasmus+ Almond Voc. Linkmend you to get a roaming rate for your mobile phone. Especially if you are travelling in a group, it is so much easier to send a message or phone someone because even though you might have WIFI the other person might not.

Written by Karina Schmid – Erasmus Plus Student from Austria